EGB black hills boogie


cut out the highs of power chords and enhanced the bass freqs. guess i can call this guitar experimental, again. btw teepee in the photo is my arctic circle rehearsal space. no wall- or door-banging frustrated neigbours, only reindeers and squirrels running around.

3 Responses to “EGB black hills boogie”

  1. unbelievable place, congrats! liked this one…would love listening to this bassy sound even more minimal

    • danke man, how ya doing, new stuff coming? im gettin loads of shit to listen now, this is soon full time job.

      • hahahahaha, great job! i’m taking a break, thinking what’s coming next. Have recorded some live-jam tracks with 2 different bands, in a “relaxed way” (there is no other way indeed).

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