Noise Not Music

(Photo credit: Dave from Road Records on Flickr)

Dublin, IE

Taper: Simon Mifsud
Source: AUD -> Sony MZ-N1 -> CSB/mod -> BRObox -> [-20dB Attenuator]
Conversion: MD(M) -> Sony MDZ-401 -> QED Digital Cable -> Audigy NX-2 -> PC -> WAV [44.1k]
Editing: Soundforge 9.0e (Trimmed some crowd noise, slight EQ) > CDWave Editor 1.96.1 (Indexing)
Length: 109m:35s
Notes: The longest “Earth” performance ever, no support so just an evening with “Earth”. First performance of “Coda Maestoso” in a couple years. Also a 9 minute “Improv” was jammed out to end the set, which talking to “Adrianne” the next day, hinted it might turn into a song? Recording gets muffled during the first half of “The Bee’s made honey in the lions skull”, i must have covered the mic accidently but its only for a few minutes. A very nice recording; positioned about 12ft from the left…

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