GNIYRG GNAARG from mother sun 2010

very promising 1st demo from new finnish band, they call their music “dungeon”, mixing stoner rock/doom metal/grunge elements, only negative thing i think is that vocals are bit too loud in couple of tracks and then instruments sound little bit “lazy”, i dont know maybe its meant that way but with new mastering these tracks could sound amazing. otherwise tracks are very interesting and unique, no matter what they call it i call it psychedelic doom.

“The idea of creating a stoner/doom band was sprung up in the minds of native Helsinkians Tommy and Leo in the early summer of 2008, probably at one of the many bars in Kallio, Helsinki. The band remained a brainchild of the two bassists (one of which had never touched a bass in his life) for over a year, until one night in early september 2009 when we found out that Inés, a Kallio-based spaniard, wanted an excuse to reincarnate the drummer inside of her. A band was born.”

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